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ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance is a project of ELSA Mannheim.

For anything related to ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance, please contact the Organizing Committee (OC) via

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my name is Julia Wildgans. I’m a 20 years old girl from Munich – the Bavarian beer capital. Due to this, I claim to be an expert on drinks. But for the first edition of ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance two years ago, I accepted a new challenge: I was in charge of everything regarding the catering. So it was my responsibility that no one of the participants is ever hungry or thirsty!

But this time – after experiencing a great Law School with even greater participants this summer – I decided to accept an even harder challenge: Together with Christoph and Tobi, I will be the Head of Organising Committee of the 3rd edition of ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance. I’m in charge of everything regarding the organization – so if something goes wrong, just let me know!

The organizational part includes catering, accommodation, social programme, all kind of logistics and – of course – caring about your personal wellbeing…
As I’ve lived and studied in Mannheim for four years now, it will be a great pleasure for me to direct you to some of the best places of the region.
But it is even a greater pleasure for me to have such an amazing OC who care about you and your wishes. Together with them, I’m sure that we’ll organize a fantastic week for you!

As far as I and my hobbies are concerned, I’m spending a lot of time with sports (tennis, thaiboxing and I started sailing this semester!) and ELSA, of course: After two years in my local group ELSA Mannheim I became Director for S&C of ELSA Germany. That’s why I spent a lot of my time on national and international events. Among these, my highlight so far was the ELSA Summer Law School on Mergers & Acquisitions of ELSA Istanbul in 2013 – I will always remember this great week of academic challenges, vibrant social programme and endless hospitality when I felt in love with ELSA, our network and Law Schools.
I hope you will enjoy your time at ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance as I did some years ago in Istanbul.
I’m looking forward to welcome you this summer!

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