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Key aspect of our Law School will be the academic programme, running about 35 hours of brilliant lectures and workshops. We do not only aim to have the best speakers in each field of law covered but also to give a pratical reference, providing opportunities for interactive involvement and discussions.

Around the academic programme of ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance there will be a thrilling and diverse social programmme in order to give the participants the opportunity to get to know the other participants and last but not least the unique region of South-Western Germany along the rivers Rhine and Neckar.

When preparing and executing the organisation of ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance there are certain Quality Standards we follow in order to provide our participants with an unique academic and cultural experience:

  • Aim high. For our Law School we intend to find the best lecturers and excellent partners that fit the interests of our participants.

  • No profit. Our Law School does not aim to generate a monetary profit for ELSA Germany or any of the other parties involved.

  • Transparent information. We aim to communicate as transparent as possible to all of our stakeholders. We therefore transparently communicate all fees, requirements and the process of application.

To summarise we do not aim to organise some law school but the best ELSA Law School this summer. Our goal is to provide our participants unmachted academic programme and fifty fully satisfied participants.