Social and Cultural Programme

EGLS2016 Social

It is important to us to provide our participants with a adequate cultural and social programme, planned around the academic programme of ELSA Summer Law School on Banking & Finance.

The main aim of the programme is to give the participants the opportunity to get to know southern Germany and it’s culture. Also we want to give everyone staying with us the opportunity to get to know each other, further discuss the topics covered by the academic programme and last but not least to have a great time in Germany!

The cultural and social programme will cover:

– Welcome BBQ

– Academic trip to Frankfurt

– Trip and Sightseeing in Heidelberg

– Party Tram Ride through Mannheim, Heidelberg and Weinheim

– Farewell Party

The full cultural and social programme as well as three variing meals a day will be covered within the fees.

Also there will be an additional Gala Reception.